Workers Compensation

Our firm represents people who are injured on the job or in the workplace and require assistance with a workers compensation claim against an employer or insurer. We can begin representation at any stage of a claim, and we urge you to keep in mind that “the right time” to involve an attorney is whenever an employer or an insurer takes (or fails to take) an action in violation of your legal rights:

  • Failure to provide workers compensation coverage
  • Failure to allow access to medical treatment
  • Failure to disclose rights or other information
  • Failure to pay benefits to which someone is entitled
  • Failure to pay death benefits

In Georgia, workers compensation is a two-way street. To remain eligible for benefits, a contractor or employee who suffers a work-related injury must act within the legal parameters that provide for the treatment of injuries and benefits to them when they are injured. We’re here to assist you in understanding and receiving the benefits to which you are entitled under Georgia law.

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