Slip and Fall

When an individual falls and gets hurt on someone else’s property, it may result in slip and fall claim. Their injuries can require expensive medical treatments and rehabilitation. If you have suffered an injury from a slip and fall, you may have a claim against the owner of the property if that person was negligent. 

But how do you know if you have a claim or what the extent of your damages is? For example, there could be consequences of the injury that were not obvious or that didn’t even in the initial medical exam. You may not know that property owners owe guests a duty of care for their guests’ safety or whether someone is legally liable for the accident and your resulting injuries. And you may not be sure whether you need a lawyer if a company has already offered you compensation for your injuries. 

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury due to someone else’s negligence, our firm can help you recover compensation for the cost of your recovery.